Double Stainless Steel Slide

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  • Double stainless steel slide
Double Stainless Steel Slide

The Double Stainless Steel Slide is durable and features an all-steel slide hood/entry gate. 

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The Double Stainless Steel Slide features two bedways, so children can play together. The stainless steel material does not create a static charge, so it's a great option for children with cochlear implants. It's available for 3-foot to 8-foot deck heights. 

Quick Highlights

  • Ages 2-5, 5-12
  • 3' to 8' deck heights
  • Available for 3.5" (46.5" deck only) and 5" posts
  • Features all-steel slide hood/entry gate
  • Made from stainless steel


Series: Components: Slides Age Range: 2-5 Years Age Range: 5-12 Years

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