Playground Swing Seats

If your swing set has old, worn, or faded seats look to SRP Components for an affordable new swing seat. Our replacement playground swing seats come in a variety of styles and sizes. Choose from our standard, wide belt seat with galvanized triangle hardware, our chained swing belt seat, or the Komfort seat with plastisol coated chain. Or choose one of our disk seats for a different variation on swings for kids.

For the safety of smaller children, we offer a high back half-bucket seat with plastisol chain, a high back full-bucket seat with triangle hardware, or the roto-molded plastic infant seat. New swing seats may be just what your playground needs. Contact us to order today!


Komfort Seat with Plastisol Coated Chain


High Back Half Bucket Seat with Plastisol Chain


Roto-Molded Plastic Infant Seat

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